Troncano Prototype

Troncano was the fourth and final prototype made for my Rapid Prototyping class at the EAE. For this project the teachers let us loose and allowed us to form our own teams and gave no restrictions on the type of game to be made. In doing so this became the largest prototype I had worked on with a team of eleven people. We design boxed several different ideas but ultimately settled on a push-pull grapple mechanic set in an enclosed space. Although simple this allowed us more time to iterate on the core mechanic and polish the game.

Troncano was made in Unreal 4.0 using the Blueprint Visual Scripting system. Although Unreal 4.0 allows developers to use either C++ or Blueprints for their programming, our research discovered the two different options do not play well together. We opted to use Blueprints as we weren't able to find much documentation of the C++ side of the engine. This led to some interesting but enjoyable challenges in moving from traditional to visual coding. This method of coding was something none of the engineers had any experience with but once we got our minds into it it became easier to work with.

Team Members