Sweat It Off Prototype

Sweat It Off was my second prototype and ended up being an absolute blast to work on. We were assigned teams and given these restrictions for our prototype: The game must be inspired by an arcade game pre-1983, the game can only support movement and a single button, and it must be made in HTML5. Our team spent the first day brainstorming ideas and researching different arcade games that we could reimagine. Although we discovered several great games we ultimately settled on Tapper, a game made in association with Budweiser where players played a bartender who had to serve beer to thirsty patrons.

Sweat It Off features a similar mechanic to Tapper of having to go to the tap to retrieve an item then serving it to the NPCs. We took it a step further in that now there are different items being requested by different NPCs. They don't all get the same item as the same time. At first we had our game mechanic but were stuck on how to theme or wrapper our game. I ended up coming up with the idea of setting the game in a sweatshop where children get punished for your (the player's) mistakes adding additional incentive to do well. We built the game using the Phaser HTML5 game engine and TypeScript, a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.

Team Members

  • Robert Zhu
  • Harrison "Bug" Reiser
  • Erik Willis
  • Jonathan Pardew
  • Andrew Riehm
    Technical Artists
  • Shabaz Sekhon