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Skyreach will have you exploring an ancient civilization lost in the clouds. You will construct your path as you wind your way through floating mountains, hand carved columns, and relics of a time long passed. Collect crystals and time your play precisely to increase your score as you travel through the stunning environments of Skyreach!

Skyreach is a single player driving game that was inspired by the classic Hot Wheels toys. We wanted to capture the fun of building a track and then driving it. As we began playing with this idea we were struck by an idea: "what if players built the track while they were driving?" There are countless games out there that allow players to build complex tracks and then drive them. But why should building and driving be separate actions taken by the players? This was our driving motivation as we explored building and driving simultaneously.

The art style is inspired by Utah's Arches National Park and James Cameron's Avatar. We wanted to give the players a grand environment to explore, something to inspire them as they played our game. We chose the Arches National Park due to our connection with Utah. And who could forget the sweeping vistas and scenic shots found in Avatar. Putting them together gave us the environment that was exactly what we were looking for.

Skyreach is our thesis project for the EA&E Master's program at the University of Utah. My team and I have been working on this game for the past year. Having the opportunity to work on a game from inception to published is very exciting, especially since we've only worked on prototypes previously. Working with such a large team also provides a new set of challenges that I'm eager to face. For this project I am the Lead Producer. Being in this role has allowed me to better play to my own strengths which in turn has helped the team.

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