No Gamer Left Behind Prototype

No Gamer Left Behind was my third prototype with the EAE and the topic was Serious Games. This meant any game with a purpose that goes beyond entertainment. Serious games include educational games, medical games, games for social change, and games for charity. Our team struggled in the beginning of this prototype to find a topic that was serious, in scope, and could be made into something entertaining. After spending a week and a half design boxing we decided to celebrate the balance of male and female gamers. PC Gaming is no longer an activity dominated by men.

No Gamer Left Behind was made using the Unity game engine with all original art assets. The game itself was made using Unity 3d but with a locked camera forcing the 2d perspective. This was a deliberate design decision by the team to avoid some of the problems we had heard about when using Unity 2d directly. The primary game mechanic is controlling 100 characters, 50 females and 50 males, at once. The 'center of mass' for the group is calculated and movement is based on that. Each sprite has their move speed and jump height multiplied by a random value whenever a change in movement is made. This creates variation amongst the sprites so they don't all move identically.

Team Members

  • Katherine Marsh
  • Blake Harrison