Erik Willis

Game Producer and Designer

My name is Erik Willis and I recently graduated from the University of Utah's Entertainment Arts & Engineering master's program with a specialty in production. I came to Utah after graduating with degrees in computer science and mathematics but found a passion for production and design.

This background in software development serves me well as I work with some of the most talented people in the world to bring imagination and dreams to life.

Below you'll find my portfolio of games and projects I've worked on in order from most recent to oldest. Click on the project names for more information.

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Team Projects

Looney Tunes Dash

Looney Tunes Dash is a level based runner for iOS and Android devices. Released in September 2014, it was developed by Eat Sleep Play and published by Zynga. From the Looney Tunes Dash official page, "Run, jump, smash, and slide into new levels and adventures with Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Tweety Bird, and other Looney Tunes favorites! Complete level objectives to unlock new Looney Tunes characters and zones based on iconic Looney Tunes landscapes. Enjoy loads of wild, whacky, and looney ways to run as you discover each character’s Special Ability and Collector’s Card. It’s time to run, Doc!"

Disney Infinity 3.0

Disney Infinity 3.0 is an action-adventure sandbox game featuring many of Disney's most prominent figures from Disney, Disney Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. The game was published by Disney Interactive Studios and developed by Avalanche Software. It was released on August 28, 2015 and is the final game in the Disney Infinity series. This third installment of the franchise focused on Star Wars featuring three unique Playsets for Star Wars including Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Original Trilogy, and Star Wars: The Force Awakenes. Disney Infinity 3.0 also featured the Inside Out and Finding Dory Playsets, as well as numerous other standalone characters.


Set in a fantasy environment this single player racing game has you driving and building at the same time. Successfully navigate the floating mountains and pillars to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Players must drive on the road they lay down. Collect crystals to increase your time and time your placement precisely to increase your score. The sweeping levels found in Skyreach have numerous secrets hidden throughout. Failure to plan quickly and respond to your own choices will result in a fast trip out of the clouds.


Troncano is a 3D first person platformer where players manuever around the inside of a volcano using a push and pull mechanic. The goal is to collect all of the gems without falling in the lava. This is much harder than it sounds as the lava raises and lowers randomly as you try to traverse the volcano's floating platforms. When designing this game we settled on a simple and easily understood game mechanic and iterated on the level design in order to make a challenging and interesting experience for the player.

No Gamer Left Behind

No Gamer Left Behind is a 2D Platformer made in Unity in which players control a swarm of 100 sprites, 50 females and 50 males, at once. The goal of the game is to navigate to the end of the level avoiding saw blades, lava, portcullis, and trapdoors with as many sprites in tact as possible. A huge score bonus is awarded for crossing the finish line with parity between men and women. This game was made as a celebration and to highlight a recently published statistic by PC Gamer that 50.2% of all PC Gamers are female.

Sweat It Off

Sweat It Off is a re-imagining of the classic arcade game Tapper. It features a similar mechanic of delivering items to awaiting NPCs but has been redesigned with a more modern twist. The control scheme is simple and intuitive but surprisingly challenging. The artists decided to keep the aesthetic similar to the original game by using sprite art but this too has been re-styled for a more polished and present-day look. This game was made as a prototype in four weeks by a team of six people.


Float is a unique, mechanic-driven, single-screen puzzle platformer. The player uses a combination of movement mechanics to guide Inch, a robotic inchworm, through a Steampunk style world filled with physics-based puzzles. It features a dual-stick inchworm movement mechanic and gravity manipulation which stands in the place of more traditional jumping. The game incorporates a fully functioning physics engine in addition to a streamlined level design process for rapid expansion and level prototyping.

Rift Runner

The Rift Runner is a remotely controlled drone that streams video from the webcam to an Oculus Rift (a virtual reality) headset. The webcam is mounted on three servos which allow it to match the movement of the Oculus Rift wearer's head. The project was chosen as a senior capstone project for my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. The rover itself was created using a 3D printer and is powered by a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Click on the image for more information and a video demonstrating the Rift Runner in action.

Solo Projects

Level Editor

The Level Editor was created as part of my application to the University of Utah's EAE program. It allows the user to select different backgrounds, ground types, walls, enemies, and items to be placed on each map. I chose to create this project as a way to demonstrate knowledge of core programming concepts such as encapsulation, polymorphism, and interfaces. Consideration was made for the objects in the level editor as though it belonged to a real game such as passable/non-passable walls and the different types of treasure.


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